Please, pay your attention to the working conditions of Eightydays, Inc. Our unique itineraries are possible because our algorithms calculate the cost in accordance with promo rates of the carriers and most cost-effective rates of the low-cost carriers. It gives us an opportunity to build more optimized trips.
Please, pay your attention to the working conditions of Eightydays, Inc.

Our unique itineraries are possible because our algorithms calculate the cost in accordance with promo rates of the carriers and most cost-effective rates of the low-cost carriers. It gives us an opportunity to build more optimized trips.

There are several simple, but very important terms of use of such rates:

  • The cost of airline tickets very often includes a small bag only, other types of luggage are available at an additional cost. You can add luggage during the booking process, and upon request, as well;
  • The ticket refund is impossible, with the exception of cases of cancelled flights, but in this case our loyalty program works - we change your flight to another suitable one at our own expense;
  • The ability to change name in a ticket is available only within 20 hours of purchase;
  • Catering on board may be charged. If you want to add meals to the trip, send us an e-mail and we will request the airline company for the cost and check with you;
  • Make sure that you have printed out your boarding passes, as the airport check-in procedure may cost very expensive, up to 55 euros per one passenger;
  • A random sitting allocation for the passengers on board is generally assumed. If you want to sit together with your fellow traveler, this service is paid in such airline companies, just text us and we will process this option for you;

There is some good news:

  • It is not necessary to use all the segments in our ticket;
  • For an additional fee it's possible to change any city in the itinerary. In this case if the tickets for the related flights are available, you'll have to pay for the cost of the two new flights;
  • Eightydays protects you from flight cancellations
Eightydays will provide free check-in service when it is available online (approximately 1-2 days before the flight) for you and will send you the boarding passes in a separate email.

Please, note that online check-in is not always available. In this case, you'll get an email telling you that you will need to come to the airport check-in desk in advance in order to get your boarding passes.

If online check-in is available for your flight

  • We'll send your boarding passes by email 1-2 days before the each flight
  • We need your passport number and expiry date to be able to check you in
  • You must print your boarding pass

If online check-in is not available for your flight

  • The airline will use your e-ticket to access your booking information and print your boarding pass at the airport
  • You must print your e-ticket
Advanced Passenger Information (API)
Depending on the chosen airlines, there are cases that in order to check-in online, the information about the visa is required. It means that the public authorities of the destination country of your flight require to fill in the form of the preliminary information about the passenger (API-data) before the flight.

The data that is necessary for the online check-in:

  • Visa number
  • Country issuing the visa
  • Visa validity

You will get an email requesting this information.

Remember that:

  • Governments of certain countries require the provision of this data, and it must be filled in before the commencement of travel.
  • You must ensure the correctness of the data entered and the compliance with the data of the document of identification.

In case you don't want to deliver this data to us, we will provide you with the data for the autonomous flight check-in.
You can yourself regulate the amount of baggage on the payment page. The baggage options entered will appear in your ticket.

Please note, that the flights containing low-cost companies often allow to bring on board only one small cabin bag or a handbag.

Our unique flight combinations that enable us to offer cheap flights normally means that there are more low-cost airlines in any booking or that the airlines do not cooperate on baggage.

Therefore, it is usually the passenger's responsibility to collect and recheck any baggage before every connecting flight.

In case you need to add a piece of baggage, please contact us at order@eightydays.me, we will send you an invoice to pay your extra baggage.
Schedule changes / Cancellations
In case of canceled flight/train/ferry trips included in the entire itinerary and change in schedule any of these, caused by any carriers Eightydays protects you from:

  • Flight/Train/Ferry delays
  • Flight/Train/Ferry cancellations
  • Schedule changes
In this case we will offer you alternative flight at our expense.
Since our fares are based on non-flexible rates of carriers (these rates don't mean any returns) all money paid for flights/trains/ferries are non-refundable. The only exception may be Death or serious illness of a booked passenger.

Death or serious illness of a booked passenger:
In the event of the serious illness of a passenger making it impossible to travel (or death), the reservations of the affected passenger and of persons travelling on the same booking reference may be partially refunded upon suitable documentary evidence produced to us in advance of the date of travel.

Please contact us at order@eightydays.me to apply for a refund and we will give you information you need to provide.
New Coronavirus COVID-19
If your trip is scheduled in April, and we still have not contacted you, please urgently contact us by e-mail or via Facebook messenger for faster communication. We will take all measures to satisfy your request, regardless of whether your flights are canceled or not.

For anyone traveling in May or later, we recommend you wait for official airline decisions on travel during this period. We plan to contact you in early April, as at the moment all restrictions are associated with flights until April 30, 2020.

Today, we successfully manage to help all travelers in March and April.

There are some simple steps to prevent Coronavirus COVID-19 infection:

  • Wash your hands frequently for at least 20 seconds at a time with warm water and soap;
  • Don't touch your face, eyes, nose, or mouth when your hands are dirty;
  • Keep any objects you touch a lot clean. Use disinfectants on objects like phones, computers, utensils, and door handles;
  • Avoid close contact with people suffering from acute respiratory infections;
  • Do not take antivirals or antibiotics, unless prescribed by a doctor;
  • Pets do not spread the new coronavirus COVID-19.
  • Products with the MADE IN CHINA label and packages received from China are not dangerous;
  • Use a mask only if you believe you are ill or if you are providing assistance to people who are ill;