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  • Tanja van Beveren
    Reviewed April 2019

    Eightydays gets a full 5+ stars from me

    Eightydays is always available, always responding and is providing great support for its customers. It's really fun to plan a city trip without having to worry about making the proper travelconnections and their service provides in this excellently. Their customerservice is nice, fast and simply really good.

  • Ashraful Hasan Khan
    Reviewed March 2019

    Eightydays provided me with the best…

    Eightydays provided me with the best rates. Follow up with me when there are any changes. Very helpful to choose my destinations and modified my request in a timely manner. I received my boarding pass on time. I recommend them to everyone who is travelling to Europe.

  • Vahagn Hokhikyan
    United States
    Reviewed January 2019

    Excellent Value and Great Service!

    When we first found the, we were a little suspicious as the prices seemed too good to be true. Our entire Brussels->Amsterdam->Paris->Berlin->Brussels trip quote was a little shy of $200 per person....

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