How it works

Is it even possible to travel all around Europe for $200?
My name is Aleh and I would like to visit Europe but I had never done it before and I am afraid of all these scary words – low-coast (roller coasters?), ryanairs...

Is it even possible to travel all around Europe for $200?
For starters, you can try our Around-feature "Best of Europe" - here we tried to collect the best (for our taste) cities for the very first or second visit.
Easy peasy!! You just should switch off "Anywhere" and add the cities you wish
to visit (up to 3 cities so far)
Cool! But I want another city instead of Brussels!
We call this feature "Editing" - just click the necessary city on the map and - voila! - you get the list of cities and the approximate price of swapping the destinations.
I would like to spend more time in Rome and less in
We are not from Milan, so we do not judge:) - also very easy to do - you just need to understand the logics:

in order to deduct the nights from one city and add them to the other city - you have to change the date and time of the flight - just click at the necessary flight in the left part of the screen, and in the pop-up window you'll see the suggested schedule for 3 neighboring days. Just choose the one which fits you best.

Very important! - pay your utmost attention to the time of departure and arrival.

By default, in automatic mode we do not suggest you very early and very late flights. But while editing - these flights will become available.
And how can I buy all this?
Press the BIG GREEN BUTTON "Book for .... " and you'll be redirected to the single page for payment.

You'll no longer need to visit websites of airlines and railroad companies.

All the tickets for the whole route you'll be able to get via one single payment at our website.
But I do not fly alone
Sure thing! You can add passengers at the payment page. Just click "ADD PASSENGER" button.
And what about Luggage?
You can add luggage options at payment page.
What happens after the payment?
Just after we receive the payment, our system starts issuing tickets. You will get an email confirming the payment.

After that you will get an electronic (aka digital) ticket with all the necessary data for all of the flights.
All in all
We try our best for you!

We really enjoy this incredible feeling - we do create a tool that helps millions of people around the world to become bolder, braver and decide to travel! With us and our support it becomes easier and safer!

Even my mom managed to figure out how it works and had traveled twice already!
It is really that easy.

And, we are available 24/7 here.

Wishing you cooool adventures!!
Aleh Tsikhanau