We are truly living in unique times. We have recently faced a difficult situation that no one could even imagine. We know that it’s not easy for you to postpone your travel plans, because you, like us, are avid travelers. In years of operations, Eightydays has faced many challenges and always emerged stronger. We were able to do so because we put you, our travelers, at the heart of our operation.

We’re here for you. We are here to share the information that matters and the latest travel updates.


We take care of all travelers, without exception, in the prevailing and difficult situation of COVID’19. Your safety and safety of people who matter most is our priority.

100% of requests related to travels in March and April through our service have been fully satisfied up to date.

We have also taken all measures to bring home several hundred people at our expense when borders were closing every hour, and most of the flights were canceled several hours before departure. All travelers returned home successfully.

If your trip is planned in March and April, and we still have not contacted you, please urgently contact us by e-mail or via Facebook messenger for faster communication. We will take all measures to satisfy your request, regardless of whether your flights are canceled or not.

For anyone traveling in May or later, we recommend you wait for official airline decisions on travel during this period. We plan to contact you in early April, as at the moment all restrictions of Governments and airlines are temporary until April 30, 2020.

Information is changing every day and we will continue to provide updates, so please check for the latest information.

At the moment you will not find any reviews that undermined your confidence in our service.

We don't leave our people in trouble. Thanks to our partnerships with major airlines/train companies, we have already helped thousands of people get home safe and save their money. They are all with their families, relatives, and loved ones.

We are here as always 24/7 Travel Team